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User Agreement

Welcome to the family of Mediaddy. We are happy that you choose us to get the best hearing devices and other healthcare product. Now if you want to use the services of our website than you have to agree with some kind of legal formalities, so here is the user agreement for you:


By clicking the "join now" button when you create an account, you are automatically subjected to agree our legal agreement. After agree you have to fallow all the rules of our policy, like whenever you use the website, its services and its products. If you use website after doing login or just as a visitors, in both of the cases agreements will be applicable.

Make sure that you are agree to follow the rules of agreement, if you are ready to do this then only join the Mediaddy.


-To become the member of this website and to use the services of website you have to be come under the age of criteria. If you are below the minimum age (less than 10) than you are not allowed for sign-up. Our website does not allow the services and apps to the person who is below minimum age.

-The name which you are using for sign-up, it should be real, other information of your profile should not be fake.

-You have to choose strong and uncommon password and you are not allow to share it with anyone, this is for your personal safety. It should be confidential, so that your account will be secure and no one can do misuse of it.

-According to the rules you will also not share your account or any data about you with anyone.

-If you choose any kind of paid services than you are agree to pay for it, otherwise you will not be allow to use it anymore.

-Sharing your data:

You are the owner of your data on our website regarding its sharing and visibility on the site. We have design our system in such a way that you can choose the visibility of your sharing data, you can make it visible to public, you can show it to particular members, by sending messages you can share your data in private. If you want to post something publicly then you can share it through articles, blogs or through some links, so that it can also be visible to visitors also who are not the member of our website.

-Linked Sites:

There may be links which are posted by third parties to advertise their services and products. This will be your decision to visit and use them at your own risk. We are not responsible for any kind of harm and damage given by them. The information and images which are shown by third parties may be inaccurate, they have their own terms and conditions. So make yourself aware while visiting other parties and sharing your personal information with them.

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