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GN Otometrics HI-PRO 2 (Hearing aid Programmer)

GN Otometrics HI-PRO 2 (Hearing aid Programmer)
GN Otometrics HI-PRO 2 (Hearing aid Programmer)

GN Otometrics, Copenhagen, Denmark made has launched a new generation of the Hi-Pro 2 programming interface. The Hi-Pro 2 USB is a smaller and more efficient device than its predecessor. Measuring approximately 5.3 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches, it draws power directly through its USB 2.0 connection, benefiting users not only with its smaller footprint but faster operation.

The Hi-Pro USB is fully backwards compatible with the old Hi-Pro and can be used with already existing and installed fitting modules. The HI-PRO USB is a universal hardware interface for programming all types of hearing instruments, both digital and analogue. 

Features at a glance 

  1. The universal  HI-PRO USB is the de facto industry standard for hearing instrument programming and is supported by all major hearing instrument manufacturers.
  2. Can be used to program all types of hearing instruments from a PC or Laptop.
  3. Built-in USB 2.0 connection (USB 1.1 compatible). 
  4. Extremely durable and reliable.
  5. Small and compact (5.39” x 4.49” x 1.46”).
  6. Portable and ideal for home fittings.
  7. Easy to use and install.
  8. Few cables ensuring easy installation and a tidy look.
  9. Microsoft 7, 8 10 and Vista compatible.
  10. Fully backwards compatible with the old HI-PRO (it can be used with already existing and installed fitting modules).
  11. Better workflow due to higher speed.
  12. Together with the AURICAL Plus the HI-PRO provides an advanced hearing instrument fitting, programming and testing workstation.
  13. HI-PRO USB is CE-marked according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC and provides medical grade safety.

Technical Specification of Denmark made GN Otometrics Hi-Pro 2

1) Universal programming interface for all hearing instrument brand.

2) USB Connectivity.

3) High Speed Programming mode.

4) Sleek, Space – Saving Design.

5) PC Interface: Communication: USB 2.0 full speed [USB 1.1 Compatible]

                                                   USB Connector Type: Type B Connector (on the HI-Pro 2 Unit)

6) Power Supply: The Hi-Pro 2 Unit is powered from the PC USB Port.

7) Operating Systems: Windows XP SP 2, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 & 64 bit).

8) 1 year Warranties as per manufacturer terms and conditions.

9) Made in Denmark GN Otometrics 

10) VAT Extra 


The Industry standard for programming hearing instruments. 

Together with HIMSA's NOAH software, HI-PRO USB has evolved into the de facto industry standard for programming hearing instruments. In fact, the successful standardization of the HI-PRO USB hardware interface on a global scale throughout the hearing industry has helped drive the trend towards first programmable and later digital hearing instruments.

Hearing instrument programming made simple

To program a hearing instrument, all you need is a PC, Laptop with NOAH and HI-PRO USB installed, and the manufacturer's NOAH-based programming software. The HI-PRO USB is plugged directly into the PC, Laptop using the USB plug and has two DIN connectors for the hearing instrument programming cables (supplied by the individual manufacturers), one for each ear. Consequently, monaural or binaural fittings may be made with one or both hearing instruments insitu.

All Product  at are brand new, 100% genuine andcome with Manufacturer warranty wherever applicable. 

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